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MMOexp:Elden Ring Player Beats Boss While Sitting Down Elden Ring Runes

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Elden Ring has some incredibly tough bosses Elden Ring Runes. You're very likely to get crushed by the numerous imposing enemies that roam the Lands Between unless you're one of the players who took a break to cool off and do absolutely nothing against a very difficult early-game fight.

So, there's this optional field boss in Limgrave called"the Tree Sentinel. Apart from being armed with a multi weapon Grafted Scion that kills you at the beginning of the game, and the easy training knight that you fight prior to entering the game's initial location, the Tree Sentinel acts as Elden Ring's initial major obstruction. You see him, clad in gold armor and atop an equine that is looking around in the woods in search of shit to take. He's hard to kill, and it's not the only time you encounter him in the game. Fortunately, you can bypass the Tree Sentinel entirely if you're in a low level or don't want face his huge golden halberd, just by moving away.

YouTuber InfernoPlus who creates meme videos about games and dives into popular discourses and controversies, wasn't too worried regarding the Tree Sentinel, though. In fact In a recent Twitter clip, Inferno was so tiredthat they plopped their butt on some rocks while their summons did the dirty work.

Inferno did not do anything until nearly the end of the fight. When he summoned the Raya Lucaria Soldiers the spirit ash you can find in the Road's End Catacombs that calls forth three warriors, Inferno sat down and watched the fight like an anime boss waiting for a fight to conclude before he took on the rival. Inferno was hit once and, fortunately, their health was high, it was not an end-of-the-world blow. When they were defeated by the Raya Lucaria Soldiers were dispatched, after nearly killing the Tree Sentinel by themselves, Inferno was able to clear up shop with a quick series of spear thrusts. It was hilarious and thrilling to watch.

It wasn't clear to everyone that the video was actually a joke. Because they had written "Game is tough" in the video people online were disoriented by the notion of Elden Ring isn't as hard as it's actually. (It is!) A few were mocking Inferno for beating an "beginner boss." Others shared their strategies for killing the Tree Sentinel, most of that involved having a little more experience. That's the most likely reason for how these soldiers were capable of taking on the boss, as well.

I love cheesing enemies like this, and FromSoftware is a great game for it with the ability for summoning spirit as well and real-world players in the game. Similar to this, I was combating with the Tree Sentinel, calling upon my ghostly wolves while also receiving help from a magical-based warrior to best site to buy elden ring items. We completely defeated him, however, it wasn't as effortless as Inferno's method. Folks are getting good in Elden Ring, killing enemies with fashion. I, on the other hand, will probably never hit the credits.

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