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MMOEXP : It's possible to beat Elden Ring As A Pacifist

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With players constantly in search of hand-off strategies within Elden Ring Runes, it was just a matter of time before someone found out how to finish the game without fighting even.

In his most recent video, Iron Pineapple, who runs a fantastic YouTube channel dedicated entirely to Souls and similar games - walked the audience through his journey to defeat Elden Ring as an pacifist. The game's playthrough gets a bit complicated due to speedrun glitches as well as clever build synergies Pineapple did not break one basic rule: Never do direct damage to the enemies or bosses.

"I think the entire run took around 45 hours," Iron Pineapple told MMOexp via email. "Most of the time was spent getting ready and running around, and I only got stuck on a couple bosses."

A good thing for potential Elden Ring pacifists out there the game offers all the tools you need to begin your journey. Iron Pineapple began as a Prophet class for its healing properties and chose his Fanged Imp Ashes as his bonus item. It is evident that his whole strategy was to use the game's NPC summons and play as the support class. As the summons were doing all the damage, Iron Pineapple's aim is to boost them and heal them according to the summons.

In the video Iron Pineapple's adventures led him to numerous dead ends, many of which led him down routes that were ultimately unsuccessful.

The Godskin Duo in Crumbling Faram Azula was causing even his leveled up ashes a bit of trouble, as an example, Iron Pineapple decided it was time to take one of the greatest summons available in the game, Black Knife Tiche. The only issue is that Iron Pineapple would have to be able to complete Ranni The Witch's quest line for Tiche's ashes. It wasn't until he jumped through its numerous hoops and finally reaching the boss that unlocked Tiche that Iron Pineapple realized he couldn't summon help, preventing the possibility of gaining Tiche and rendering the whole trip worthless.

"I probably spent the longest time with The Godskin Duo," Iron Pineapple revealed. "For some time, I was convinced that if I just healed well enough and got lucky in my attack patterns, I could do it. But, of course, I employed the torch that causes sleep rather than."

It's not surprising that Iron Pineapple also used the Mimic Tear, which acts like a duplicate of your character. It also stands alone as one of the most versatile of Elden Ring's summons even after its nerfing in the 1.03 patch. Iron Pineapple spent much of his pacifist run focussing on other sources of damage and when the moment came to shove, it was hard not to notice the potential to create a completely customized sidekick. This is why he was able to using to use the Mimic Tear to defeat many of the difficult, end-game bosses.

"I had a feeling that the Mimic was going to be extremely strong right from the beginning, and I made the conscious decision to avoid it for the sake of variety," Iron Pineapple said. "It was pretty fun to show the various areas of strength and niches of the summons available in the game and approach the problems as puzzles to be solved instead of just gaining the raw numbers. So ultimately I was a little disappointed in the strength of the Mimic still is even after the nerf."

Iron Pineapple's pacifist play is yet another illustration of the ways cheap Elden Ring Items retains the strategic openness of its Souls predecessors. With the right tools, skills and resources available at your disposal it's possible to defeat the game with nearly every strategy included in the book. There's a chance that you'll hit an obstacle there and then. Iron Pineapple sure did. But if there's one lesson to learn from a classic Elden Ring playthrough, it's that everything can be overcome by a bit of determination.

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