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MMOexp: It turns out the patch quietly muted the colors on the Druid's bear form

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Diablo 4 patch 1.1.0c launched yesterday on Diablo 4 Gold July 26, and while it was primarily aimed at stopping players accidentally activating their free Battle Pass, it's also had other consequences. It turns out the patch quietly muted the colors on the Druid's bear form so that they don't look like walking disasters.
"Fuckers took away my strawberry milk bear didn’t they," read one comment on a Diablo 4 subreddit post. The Druid's bear form would actually change its fur color to match the hair color of the player character, so if you had bright pink hair, you'd have a garish pink bear staggering around Sanctuary after you.
Still on the fence with Diablo 4? You can play the first 10 hours for free on Xbox this weekend | MMOEXP
The first 10 hours of Diablo 4 are playable for free on Xbox over the next few days.
October's launch schedule is packed, and then some. This week alone sees us back swinging around New York in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, squeezing through green pipes as Elephant Mario in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and going fast in classic-style Sonic adventure Sonic Superstars. And as if there weren't already too few hours for all the games out there, Blizzard is making our entertainment choices even more difficult by offering Diablo 4 for cheap Diablo 4 Gold free this weekend.



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